The Carpentry

After many years of service for a local telecommunications company in Silverton, Phalaborwa and then louis trichardt, South Africa, Danie Vice faced the most dreaded experience for a lot of individuals in our beautiful country, an experience called retrenchment.

After retrenchment in 2004, Danie was sure that he will not find any work due to a few deciding factors, predominantly coming down to the fact that there weren’t any other telecommunication companies out there at the time hiring new employees, not even with his experience, so the hunt for employment started. 

The decision was made to move to Cape Town where there should be more opportunities for him and his family, but with no luck he found himself without a vacancy and without an income. A nearby neighbour within the security complex where Danie and his family resided struggled to find a professional to install a door inside their property.
A person whom enjoys the love of working with his hands, Danie offered and asked the neighbours whether they will be willing to give him the opportunity to install the door for them. With little experience in woodworking and minimal equipment he managed to install the door with ease and precision.

With all the pun in the world, that one “door” literally opened many doors for Danie. The magic of “Word of mouth” created opportunity after opportunity, which meant he was able to start a business within the carpentry field.

After more than 17 years of experience, Danie and his team now offer a wide range of carpentry services, from installing door frames and doors to installing decks and many more services including premium wooden furniture at affordable prices.

The team at The Carpentry, strives for perfection and will go over and above to meet and satisfy any clients requirements, even if it’s a single door to install.